Caring for your land and water 

  • Spend a little less time in the shower.

  • Turn off the water while shaving or brushing your teeth.

  • Do not let water run while hand-washing dishes.

  • One extra day for towels and linens can truly make a difference

  • Camp 100 ft away from trails and streams

  • Stay on the trail

  • Do not feed or encourage wildlife.

  • Properly put out campfires

  • Leave little trace and take out trash. 

As a Summit County, Colorado Local Tom Koehler, founder of Sustainable Hiker, is passionate about driving people toward solutions for the health of our forests and waters. After many years of success in the capital markets that include stints as Director of Research for a wealth management company and Managing Director on a bond desk at a D.C. bank, Tom recognizes the true crisis that we are in with our forests and waterways and wants to foster a community that participates in its healing through traditional and non-traditional means. 



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