Why reduce GHG emissions and how to do it?

-Green House Gas (GHG) emissions have been increasing and the effects on the climate have been severe.

-Wildfire season is longer and more severe.

-The damage to human life and the economy is disastrous.

-Decimated forests can no longer help filter pollutants out of the air and provide us with clean water.

-This trail run is challenging, but if you believe as I do that human activity does contribute to climate change and it's disastrous effects, you can work to reduce the carbon emissions in the companies you invest in. 

-Make the commitment to the most difficult run.

- This is a very POWERFUL path. Whether you have $5,000 or more, it all adds up.

-For instance if collectively $1 million were to morph out of the Standard and Poor 500 Index and into a group of funds with similar risk but less GHG emissions, the reduction in carbon is remarkable. Up to 40 metric tons of CO2 could be removed by thoughtfully selecting funds with lower aggregate emissions. 

-Sustainable Hiker can help guide you and map out a strategy that helps you to encourage our corporations to work for our natural resources for a healthier world for all of us and future generations. Contact me for a free consultation to begin this very rewarding journey. 

As a Summit County, Colorado Local Tom Koehler, founder of Sustainable Hiker, is passionate about driving people toward solutions for the health of our forests and waters. After many years of success in the capital markets that include stints as Director of Research for a wealth management company and Managing Director on a bond desk at a D.C. bank, Tom recognizes the true crisis that we are in with our forests and waterways and wants to foster a community that participates in its healing through traditional and non-traditional means. 



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