Go Green with your investments!


-This is a powerful lever to positively influence the fate of our economy. 

-Green House Gas (GHG) emissions have greatly impacted the climate.

-Wildfire season is more severe, damaging our land and water . 

-Clean air and safe reliable water is compromised and is at risk. 

- Forests and other natural assets are our strongest allies against climate change. Usher in a new age where corporations work to protect and care for our life providing assets by lowering their pollution and GHG and desisting in business that promotes unsustainable deforestation. 

-Make the commitment. 

- This is a very POWERFUL path. Whether you have $5k, $50K or much more, it all has impact.










 Look through and try the links above with your mutual funds and for a deeper dive into your Sustainable Hiker can help guide you and map out a strategy that helps you to encourage our corporations to work for our natural resources for a healthier world for all of us and future generations. Contact me for a free consultation to begin this very rewarding journey. 

Wild Forest Fires