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Natural Wonders-Our Forests

-Our Forests are appreciated for their beauty but are overlooked for their life giving force. We depend on them for our clean air, essential water and habitat for the magnificent wildlife that inspires us all. 

-Forest Service land is the largest source of municipal drinking water in the U.S. as it provides $7.2 billion worth of water that serves up to 66 million people. 

-The Dillon Ranger District that you reside in or are visiting is also the Blue River Watershed. In a healthy watershed, precipitation is captured by the land, soil and vegetation which then distributes it naturally downstream to all users. Businesses and households both benefit greatly from clean and reliable water.  25% of our water ends up in the Front Range. 


-We step on it when we hike not thinking how important soil truly is. It filters pollutants before they reach critical rivers and streams. Moose, elk, fox and many more special species including humans would suffer without healthy soil.


-We also have better quality air as soil provides a good foundation for oxygen producing plants and trees. 

-Our way of life and health is highly tied to the vibrancy of the recreation that we depend on. Quality conservation, investment in nature and stewardship are essential to continuing our way of life. 

-This is at high risk for us and our guests for the generations that follow us down the trail. Wildfire, budget constraints and heavy usage threaten all that nature provides. 

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Rainbow Lake, Frisco CO
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