Climate change and investments

"Climate change offers the investment deal of the century. The cost of reducing carbon emissions and implementing other sustainable development goals runs to the tens of trillions of dollars. It ought, though, to spur growth and jobs and create the kinds of assets investors crave – as long as policymakers follow through on their pledges, too."

"The commitments made in Paris to boost energy efficiency and develop low-carbon technology could require investments of $13.5 trillion by 2030, representing nearly 40 percent of total investment in the energy sector, according to the International Energy Agency. The cost of infrastructure needs overall could hit $90 trillion.

Throw in the need for better water systems, sustainable agriculture and other issues, and the number keeps rising. Some projects will be relatively easy to finance. Halving carbon dioxide emissions at inefficient wastewater plants would in many cases turn a profit, according to water-infrastructure firm Xylem, and be good fodder for, say, a bond deal. That’s likely to be the case with many such upgrades."

As a committed sustainable skier, I am behind the innovation and potential wealth creation in fighting climate change. I firmly believe it will be an investment for profit, the planet and for human health.


Tom Koehler

Sustainable Skier

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