New Years Resolutions

Sustainable Skier New Years Resolutions

Why resolve to take care of our National Forests? They provide 20% of the water in the U.S. Cities that may seem far from a forest actually depend on them across 33 states. Each time we turn on our faucets, remember where that water came from.

A lot goes into the care including wildfire mitigation that helps reduce the risk of soil degradation. If severely scarred the soil loses its ability to filer pollutants and water quality and reliability is severely hindered for all down stream users.

75% of the nations' outdoor recreation takes place within a half mile from a stream of other body of water and a lot of that occurs within our national forests. It is imperative that we take care of our recreation zones including trail maintenance and stream bank restoration.

What can you do for your National Forest here in Summit County?

-Take a sustainable skier green run by taking more sustainable travel such as a shuttle, carpool or bus to reduce pollution that strains our habitat. The Summit Stage is free and can take you just about anywhere.

-Explore the blue run for hints on how to save water. Every drop counts so leave the linens one more day and do only full loads of laundry. Also,turn the water off in between rinses when brushing your teeth.

-Take a black run as it will allow you to find a path to be able to participate even more deeply in the health of our forests. There are many projects from vital riparian zone restoration to re-vegetation that helps our water and wildlife.

-Venture out on a double black run to see how to encourage the companies you invest in to reduce their carbon footprint.

Join me in making 2019 the year we resolve to take care of our natural resources that provide so much.


Tom Koehler

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