One sustainable brand at a time

We currently consume goods & services with little attention to their ecological footprint. For us to reach a sustainable balance between humans and the natural world, our consumption and choices must experience a radical paradigm shift with conscientious purchases that protect our natural resources.

Here in Summit two startups in retail are changing this dynamic. At Folcland in Breckenridge Owner Alyssa Pullekines takes sustainability very seriously by the dynamic suite of women’s clothes offerings. “Not only do the lines on offer prioritize natural, upcycled, and eco-friendly materials and low impact techniques, but also overall production quality and labor standards,” says Alyssa.

In Silverthorne, Minimal Impact, founded by local Jenny Hammock offers products for everyday use that will lessen the harm to the environment that we count on for healthy water, soil and air. “Minimal Impact provides a path for consumers to live more sustainably by providing bulk cleaning & personal care products available for refill. We also provide product replacements for single-use plastics & plastic-free alternatives to everyday household items, “according to Jenny.

There are sustainable products that work in harmony with nature, but it is up to us to recognize those items and make conscious choices to give those businesses our money rather than others.

Mountain Flow Eco Wax out of Carbondale just landed a deal on Shark Tank to increase the distribution of its plant-based ski wax. They saw how everything is interconnected and if there are chemicals, micro plastics, and toxic microfibers in our everyday products, then they are getting into our natural living systems too. They are a certified B Corp which balances profit and purpose.

If you are thinking about camping this summer, check out Big Agnes, another innovative Colorado company based out of Steamboat Springs. They have a commitment to people, our planet and yes profits as those help keep them creating great products and employing people. Their sustainable work extends from their production and operations to dynamic stewardship collaboratives in the Yampa River Valley, a critical water source in the North West part of the State.

Making thoughtful sustainable consumer decisions takes effort but with some time it can impact corporate outcomes. These companies for profit are also taking care of people and the planet. They are using sustainable circular economies within their business’s system, by making choices for regenerative, zero waste practices. We can show our appreciation for our beautiful mountain community by supporting the business who are striving to preserve and live-in balance with our wild, natural spaces.


Tom Koehler

Sustainable Hiker

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