Social Cohesion And Our Land

This is reasonably defined as a willingness of a society to work together to survive and to prosper. What drives this instinct? My sense of societal cooperation is inspired by many issues but one drives it more than others. Nature is for all of us and it is blind to the users of its water, healthy soil, trails, and soul inspiring beauty.

That is what makes nature so special and magnificent to me. Some of my best memories are those spent working on the trail system with the magnificent stewardship groups I have mentioned in prior posts as well as all the hikes and backpacking with friends and new acquaintances over the years.

While the land does provide necessary ingredients for health like water and air, which I will cover in additional posts, it is the social togetherness that can create a society more in tune to the value inherent in nature and to recognize how much our relationships with each other have been forged through our rich experiences with the natural world.

How long that that natural system sustain our social interaction that we all seek? We are at a crossroads with nature as our land and water management agencies are severely underfunded at the same time we count on it more and more.

The road I am taking is one that I would like you to join me on as it will surely lead to a more cohesive society.

What drives your passion for our land? Follow that passion and join us.


Tom Koehler

Sustainable Skier-Hiker

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