-Environmental assessment of your investments. Basic contribution of $27 provides the template for your use. Pricing beyond that for Sustainable Hikers' guidance is hourly based.

-Personal and Business Energy and water efficiency assessment by Hc3.

-Introduction to Alpine Bank as a true green financial partner. 

-Educational Speaking to organizations such as HOAs, non-profits and foundations-I can speak educationally to your employees and board to help them construct a plan to elevate their care of their natural resources.

-Introduction to Aspire Sustainability, a valued community partner to delve into a life cycle assessment. 

-Provide sustainable consumer links.

Reach your peak protecting nature     consultation


-Provide a "state of nature" report that highlights areas in greatest need.

-Discuss your personal area of interest and passion to align them with the projects that are in highest need of attention. 

-Determine your business potential for land and water health advertising to clients and guests. 

-Determine your capacity for promotions to raise capital for the health of our land and water. 

-Legislative updates on healthy land and water.